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About the Bredin Equipment Operator Training Program

The Equipment Operator Training Program is a full-time training program for up to 11-weeks. Participants will be supported in conducting occupational and industry research, develop individual training plans, and make informed decisions. This no cost training includes Class 3 drivers training with the manual transmission component, industry required safety certification and the opportunity to train for either vacuum truck or water truck operations at the SATO Canada training facility.

SATO Canada

This program is funded by the Alberta Ministry of Seniors, Community & Social Services to support unemployed Albertan’s in developing the skills they need to connect to sustainable employment and to strengthen Alberta’s workforce.

Class 3 Driver Training

The first driver training component will provide you with advanced techniques and safety skills. Working with local training providers, this program will assist you in acquiring a Class 3 Drivers License. This will qualify you to operate certain commercial vehicles and is a requirement for many jobs in the construction, transportation and oil and gas industries. A Class 3 license will make you eligible to progress to the water and/or vacuum truck operator training.

SATO Vacuum and Water Truck Operation Training

Once you have acquired your Class 3 License you will have the opportunity to train as either a vacuum truck operator or water truck operator. SATO’s skilled training team and Bredin staff will support you in making the best choice of training options in relation to your personal circumstance, interests, and career goals. Upon completion of training, you will be connected to employment to start your career.

Connections to Employers

Equipment operators are in demand across sectors and many employment opportunities are available. You will be assisted in exploring the opportunities that would best suit your interests and skills. Our experienced staff will provide job leads and connect with employers to ensure a work placement that meets your needs and personal situation. There are job openings in a variety of work settings.

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