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Play-based Learning in the Heart of the City

Earlybird Childcare Centre offers quality early learning and care for children ages 10 months up to 6 years old in Edmonton, Alberta. The children will experience a safe and caring environment where their emotional and physical health, positive identities and the sense of belonging are nurtured and protected. (FLIGHT p. 91)

Mighty Learners and Citizens

Earlybird Childcare Centre uses the FLIGHT: Alberta's Early Learning and Care Framework to guide children's learning. Children are viewed as mighty learners and citizens who are strong, resourceful and capable. This affirms each child's right to be treated with respect and to participate in daily decisions that affect him or her. (FLIGHT p. 39)

Responsive Environments

Earlybird Childcare Centre creates responsive environments that requires awareness that the Mighty Learners and Citizens must be continually reflected on as educators to respond to children's interests and exploration through the design elements of time, space, materials and participation.

A Practice of Relationships

In relationship to the children, their families and the surrounding community, Earlybird Childcare Centre carefully plans for structured play and learning experiences, unstructured periods, and as an environment designed for play exploration and learning opportunities to meet the physical, social, intellectual, creative and emotional needs of the children in the program.

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