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Why WorkSource?

Our team is committed to supporting workforce development that builds a diverse and culturally aware workforce.

Our no-cost, client-focused services help people reach their training and occupational goals and connect to employers when they are prepared to work.

Services include a wide variety of employment services to support both job seekers and employers in Parkland County and rural regions west of the Edmonton metropolitan service area.

Starting Your Career

Are you unemployed and tired of feeling stuck in low paying jobs with no opportunity for growth? We can help you find the training or job which will help you manage the direction of your career.

The Changing Workforce

Have the changes in industry affected your ability to connect to the work you have always done? We can help you find the job where you can transfer and leverage your skills for success in a new job or industry.

Connection to Employers

Don’t know who is hiring or how to connect to industries that are growing and developing? We can help you connect to employers committed to workforce development and industry growth.

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