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Catherine’s background in psychology and education ignited her passion for career development and the connection it has to an individual’s quality of life.

She has a special interest in helping young people experience a positive beginning to their career journey by ensuring they have the information and support they need to make career decisions that enable them to pursue their interests and build on their skills. She believes there are important pillars of wellness with career wellbeing being essential to one’s overall wellbeing. Her belief that whether one likes what they are doing each day affects every aspect of their life including their social, community, and financial health supports her value of working together to help each other live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Catherine joined the team at Bredin Centre for Learning in 2004 with the Mill Woods Youth Patrol program. Following that she devoted six years to leading Bredin’s Youth Connection Team, as well as The Mill Woods Youth Action Team. Though she found her work with youth highly rewarding, she accepted an opportunity to work with other client groups, when the Youth Connections program ended. She is grateful for the experience of managing the Centre for Skilled and Internationally Trained Professionals as it expanded not only her career development knowledge, but her appreciation for the importance of career supports to ensure inclusion for all in our communities.

Throughout her time at Bredin, Catherine has worked in many capacities including facilitator, service management, employment development, assessment, and program management. Her current position as Manager of Business Development allows her to apply her skills and knowledge across programming and client groups. Though she misses the rewarding experience of working directly with clients, she fulfills her drive to provide career counselling by working with staff in their professional development.