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What We Offer

The Community and Home Care Worker Integrated Training is a full-time, 20-week program for Albertans in the Edmonton region. This training will prepare you to begin your career in community health care and enhance your employment options by providing occupational skill training, practical work experience and connection to employment.

Graduates of the program will receive a Bredin College certificate. For those interested in continued career advancement in the field, some credits earned in the Community & Home Care Training can be applied to Bredin College's Community & Support Worker Diploma program.

Program Requirements

This program has been developed to support Albertans who:

  • Are unemployed or working on average less than 20 hours a week
  • Have completed a minimum of high school or equivalent
  • Are receiving or have received EI benefits in the past
  • Are ready and able to participate in full-time training
  • Want connection to permanent, full-time employment
  • Are interested in the community and health care profession

Competency Based Training

This competency-based, occupational-related training program will support a unique blend of skills specific to the community and health care profession, and essential workplace skills to support continued learning and ongoing career development. The Occupational Skills module will be provided by Bredin College and include five hours of daily instruction.

Work Experience

The work experience module provides the opportunity to apply what you learn to real work situations. The skills and knowledge you develop will help you access the growing opportunities in the community and health care profession. Staff work to align the skills and interests of the student with host employers who will provide meaningful and relevant learning opportunities.

Connections to Employers

Bredin staff work with employers' partners who are recruiting for training-related positions and will extend an offer of permanent employment upon completion of the work experience module. The program has strong support from employers within the industry, which provides students with connections to different opportunities in this growing industry.

Upcoming Intakes

  • Feb 06, 2023
  • May 15,2023

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This program is funded by the Province of Alberta in Partnership with the Government of Canada.

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