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What is Servus-Bredin Microloans for Professional Newcomers?

This micro-lending program is an Alberta lending solution offered in partnership with Servus Credit Union and provides low-interest loans of up to $15,000 to support internationally educated professionals with costs related to pursuing Canadian licensing or training. This includes education and training programs of two years or less and English language training.

*Interest rate is prime+1.5%

How Can a Micro-Loan Help?

We understand internationally educated professionals face unique challenges and we will help you develop a specialized solution to your financial concerns. Your personal plan may include combining microloans or cost for programs and exams already started.

Pre-approval will help you explore your options and be prepared.

Surprised by foreign credential recognition costs?

A microloan can help you pay for specialized assessments and exam fees including exam preparation, books and materials.

Frustrated with unexpected professional fees?

Certification can have significant application, licensing and membership costs. A microloan can ensure you are able to pay the fees and start your career.

Concerned with the cost of courses and skills training?

A microloan can help you to upgrade skills and take bridging courses. It can even help with the purchase of a laptop or specialized work equipment.

One Client's Story

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Microloans program is a great program for me in my career. It helps me to focus on my goal. I appreciated your time and effort in making this possible.

Ahmed Aboaldahab

Bredin Client

Thank you so much Bredin staff for your assistance in this process. You really are so helpful and approachable.

Krisjane Mertalla

Bredin Client

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